La bellezza non è che il disvelamento di una tenebra caduta e della luce che ne è venuta fuori.
Alda Merini

venerdì 28 giugno 2013

One last try

I wish I had one last try 
Hidden somewhere inside 
But it’s all been spent before 
When I reach for it 
I can sense it in my hand 
And when I try to grasp it it’s like sand 
Or water through my hopeful fingers 

This just won’t hold 
This just won’t hold 

There’s something so half-full about us 
we get so little but what we get it tastes so much 
we’re always longing for more 
Is this the end of the thread? 
the thread that led me to loose my head 
Over something that started with wonder 

This just won’t hold 

And even if a butterfly lives a hundred years 
Or the stream of water turns around in the rivers 

You and me, we’ll still be the same… 
You and me, we’ll be the same

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